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Looking for a shower curtain that adds a touch of fantasy and excitement to your bathroom? Check out this stunning dragon-themed shower curtain! This curtain features a striking image of a dragon head breathing fire, creating a dramatic and intense scene in your bathroom. The dragon head is highly detailed, with sharp scales and menacing teeth. Its eyes are fierce and glowing, adding to the overall intensity of the image. The dragon is shown breathing a cloud of bright orange and yellow flames, which create a fiery background for the image. The image is printed on high-quality polyester material, which ensures that the colors stay bright and vibrant over time. While polyester does offer some protection against water, it's important to note that this shower curtain may not be completely waterproof on its own. To ensure that your bathroom stays dry while you shower, it's recommended that you use a liner with this curtain. Overall, this dragon head shower curtain is a stunning and unique addition to any bathroom. It provides a perfect canvas for displaying your love of fantasy and dragons, while also adding a touch of excitement to your daily routine. Size: 71"x74" .: 100% Polyester .: One-sided print .: Hooks not included .: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 2"
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